1.) There's a living, breathing human on the other end. Treat them with respect.

2.) Respect each other's time; unlike other social media sites every message was sent to you and only you. The other person is waiting for your response. Respond to messages in a reasonable period of time.

3.) This mobile centric debate platform brings with it some distinct advantages. One such advantage is the ability to compose your thoughts well, seize this opportunity by placing thought into your response. Grammar, spelling, and word choice can go a long way in helping make your points clear and effective

4.) Don’t make a fool of yourself. -- only engage in debates where you have had a chance to review and understand your opinion

5.) Hate has no place here -- We love for you to feel passionately about these issues (if you choose to feel that way) but passion is no excuse for hatred or hate-speech.

6.) Listening is an action -- give your counterpart the same ear which you hope to have when you are providing your insights.

7.) Debate is most enjoyable when the vocabulary is advanced. -- refrain from foul language and report users that exhibit poor tact.

8.) Stay on topic -- The Indiv platform offers many topics to discuss, if you wish to debate a different issue simply select that issue or request that the issue be added. You can add local, state specific, or national issues.